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Published: 26th April 2011
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Last winter I bought a doudoune moncler outlet from an online shop ( and wore the whole winter. I feel so good for it really make me feel not cold . All in all, it is a world famous brand. But later very tragic thing happened, is a dragon dirty clothes, I directly throw it into the washing machine. When I take it out after it wash out I found that the feather inside became several pieces. It makes me so sad. So good clothes is so I ruined. So, after that I specifically asked the waiter how to maintain the feather coats, she told me the method, and then I sums up to share:
Experience one: must wash.
In coats, sew a medial with maintenance and cleaning instructions sticker, careful people will find that 90% of the feather to wash, avoid by all means is marked with dry Soft brush, because the potions affect warmth, also can make cloth aging. And machine wash and dry, screwed the coats, vulnerable to filler uneven and make clothing deformation, affect beautiful and warmth.

Experience two: 30 degrees temperature rinse.
First put the coats into cold water for 20 minutes, let down jacket internal and external full moisture. Will scour into 30 centigrade water, again will immerse 15 minutes into which coats, and then using a soft bristle brush lightly scrub. Rinse with warm water, can also want to scour dissolves in water, can make coats rinse cleaner.

Experience three: Use detergent concentration too much.
If you must use washing powder cleaning coats, usually two wash basin with 4 to 5 TBSP detergent advisable. If concentration is too high, it will difficult to rinse clean. The feather residual washing powder will affect the featherís Filling Power and greatly reduce the warmth retention property.

Experience four: best use neutral detergent.
Neuter scour the down and feathers of cloth, use the least damage alkaline detergents, if won't rinse clean, the residual detergent will cause damage to feather, and easy to leave white surface traces in clothes, affect beautiful. To remove the residual alkaline detergents, can be soaked it in the warm water with two spoon vinegar twice. Vinegar can be counteracted alkaline detergents.

Experience five: cannot twist dry.
Coats after being washed, cannot twist dry,but should will moisture extrusion, again tile or hung to dry and banned exposure don't ironed, lest burns clothing. Dry, can gently stroking coats restore fleeciness softness.
Wish that will help you.

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